*** Retrieve Initial Password ***

When you log in to your account for the first time, you will use a previously created, initial password. To determine that password, see the steps below under "Determining Your Initial Password". Then, click "Create Your Personal Password" to create a something more personal that will replace your initial password. When you have completed this, return to the Incoming Students page to access your Student Checklist.

Determining Your Initial Password:

  • Example: Jane Anita Evanston, born on 05/04/1970 with a student ID of 0151566
  • The first letter of the first name Upper Case > J
  • The first letter of the last name Lower Case > e
  • The Day of birth > 04
  • The last two digits of the birth year > 70
  • The last 4 digits of the student ID > 1566
  • The default password is thus > Je04701566

*** Please make sure that you change your password before you login the first time ***

Your Student ID is located in the letter you received confirming your deposit.

Please email the helpdesk at helpdesk@hillsdale.edu with any questions you may have regarding this application.

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